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Paediatric First Aid

Initially I was a little scared of First Aid.

Now, I feel much more confident and able,

Steve has a common sense approach to this course which I liked

Rhona, April 2016

Very informative, great fun!

Would definitely use again

Tamara, July 2016

Very clear, answered any queries,

very professional

Kim, July 2016

Steve was a brilliant trainer who knew his

subject. He made it very easy for the

participants to learn

Sue, July 2016

Brilliant course Thank-you!

Good luck for the future

Kim, July 2016


Angela, July 2016

Made it fun.

Didn’t drag at all

Carolyn, July 2016

Good use of humour to lighten tricky topic

Thomas, October 2016

Good to learn in a fun, interactive and

discussion based way.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course -

The best First Aid training I’ve had in 20 years.

Thank you

Nicola, October 2016

Very informative, humorous but very knowledgeable, friendly with good pace

Manda, October 2016

Steve made doing our First Aid course very enjoyable!!!

Great knowledge!!

Rochelle, October 2016

Steve has been a fantastic trainer

Ali, October 2016

Great way of teaching!

Enjoyable and fun

Sian, October 2016

-Relaxed atmosphere,

-Enjoyable as it can  be

-Supportive trainer

Jo, November 2016

Great amount of info given - amazing pace!

Thank you

Gill, February 2016

You have done a great job to keep our attention and teach so competently for 2 whole days!

We were an unruly bunch!

Helen, January 2017

He made it fun when he could and that made it more engaging and rememberable

Coraley, March 2017



Nadia, February 2017

Excellent approach to teaching/learning

and made fun

Hannah, March 2017

Steve is a very good trainer and makes me feel

very comfortable and confident with what you need to know about First Aid!

Well done Steve

Gabriella, March 2017

I was told about The Training Fox when looking for First Aid.

Was told that you were very good and detailed

- I wasn’t disappointed!

Will use again and recommend to fellow childminders!


Hannah, March 2017

Thank you,

learnt alot,

very well explained and you made it


Julie, April 2017

Good interaction keeping it

interesting and lively

Alison,  May 2017

Steve is the best,

and we (as a setting)

wouldn't go anywhere else

Molly, May 2017

Thank you for your enthusiastic teaching

Grace, August 2017

Steve made the course fun,

as well as interesting

Thank you!

Charlotte, August 2017

Made a serious course fun and engaging.

Easier to learn

Allison, November 2017

Great Course!

Thank you

Anna (Danni), November 2017

Excellent Training materials

Tina, November 2017

Very informative

Made it fun so easier to remember

Melanie, November 2017

Best First Aid I've ever been on

Jenny, November 2017

Excellent, friendly fun learning.

Thank you

Jennie, November 2017

Really enjoyed this course,

felt better being a smaller group.

Easy to understand

Louise, November 2017

I really enjoyed my First Aid course,

it was my best one yet.

Trainer was awesome

Samantha, November 2017

For my first experience doing First Aid it was very informative and interesting.


Molly, January 2018

Excellent Course

Irene, February 2018

The trainer puts you at ease, therefore easy to ask questions

Frances, February 2018

A lot of information, but fun and informative.

Good practical tasks

Claire, February 2018

He was very good at making everyone feel comfortable making the course enjoyable, was easier to take it all in! and more likely to stay in too!

Well done Steve

Anon, February 2018

Thank you very much appreciated

Claire, February 2018

Thank you for an excellent course!

Your humour adds to the 'heavy' scenarios without distraction.

Your kindness and professional knowledge is excellent

Kate, March 2018

Just the right balance of seriousness and humour to help us learn easily

Katrina, March 2018

I would recommend The Training Fox

Gemma, March 2018

Will highly recommend The Training Fox

Sharon, March 2018

Thank you

The most informative and thorough

training delivered in an interesting


Charlotte, March 2018

Made us feel comfortable and relaxed, so not nervous about any of the course.

Good sense of humour

Pamela, April 2018

Very good knowledge,

answered all questions and brought us back on subject well when got distracted.

Will use again

Sally, April 2018

Very good training.

Thank-you Steve for a good day,

I have learnt alot

Charlotte, March 2018

Very helpful and a great learning environment

Jordan, September/October 2018

Brilliant as always,

Thank you Steve.

Informative, knowledgeable and made the training fun

Lisa, October 2018

Thank you,

this is a valuable skill, great training and trainer

Joanne, October 2018

Very informative and knowledgeable

Jane, October 2018

As always very good training given by Steve

Maggie, October 2018

A very good instructor, who makes learning fun

Noor Parvin, October 2018

A really fun informative course

Maria, October 2018

I really enjoyed and learnt alot of ways to deal with problems to save my own life and other people's lives too

Nawshaba, October 2018

Great fun,

Best way to learn

Xenia, January 2016

Very good course

and would definitely recommend

to people

Emma, February 2016

Steve made this fun as well as interesting

Catherine, February 2016

Very pleasurable learning environment,

Steve lets learning conversations flow!

Fiona, February 2016

Very informative course,

enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and

how a serious subject was made fun

Sally, February 2016

Fantastic trainer -

Good fun

Emma, February 2016

Very relaxing, enjoyable course

would do further courses with Steve

Cora, February 2016


Most enjoyable and entertaining!

Jane, February 2016

Very good and fun training course.


Karen, March 2016

Very good and fun training course.

Thank-you Definitely like to do further courses with Steve,-

a very enjoyable course

Katharine, March 2016

Very good,

Lots of fun

Eleanor, March 2016

Best first aid course I have ever done.

Most informative I feel like I

have learned a lot.


Eleanor, March 2016

Very good course.

 I felt I took a lot in and feel more

 confident about my practice

thanks to a fantastic trainer

Michaela, March 2016

Steve was very good

and made it fun to learn

Denise, March 2016

Thank-you Steve for being sympathetic to everyone’s individual experiences and backgrounds.

Loved your enthusiasm, knowledge

and corny jokes - made the time fly-by

Angie, March 2016

An excellent course delivered with a very

 professional attitude and some laughs

Julia, March 2016

This is the second time

 I have attended a course with Steve.

I find he holds the group well and the level of information and his ability to answer our questions is without doubt excellent.

Thanks Steve

Caroline, March 2016

Fantastic course and trainer

Highly recommended

Tim, April 2016

Really enjoyed it and Steve was really

helpful and made me feel confident to

use my new First Aid skills

Sacha, April 2016

Had a really good day.

I will remember all the things I have taken in.

Steve is a very good trainer and provided a good source of knowledge.


Linda, April 2016

Emergency First Aid at Work

I was happy that we were given the chance to

ask specific questions relating to our roles and that these questions were answered

Lisa, November 2016

Thank you for providing an animated

course which has made me more confident to cope in an emergency

Jennifer, November 2016

An excellent day.

Thanks Steve.

Superb  pitch, contents and personality!

Jules, June 2017

The content and knowledge of the trainer was excellent, with the right amount of input

Christine, October 2017

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Relaxed atmosphere, fun and informative.

Enjoyed and feel a lot more confident

 about First Aid

Karen, May 2016

Learned a lot, enjoyed the relaxed

atmosphere and feel more confident using

these skills

Inge, May 2016

Left feeling confident about administering

First Aid

Mark, May 2016

Great relaxed atmosphere,

felt I learnt a lot more and feel a lot more confident about First Aid

Chrissy, May 2016

Very good and informative course

Val, October 2017

Thank you!

Very informative and enjoyable

Ileesha, October 2017

Fantastic information given at a difficult time of the day.

Very patient trainer

Anon, January 2018

Very humorous and things will stick in my brain.

Nice explanations, and had time and enthusiasm to answer our questions immediately

Elaine, February 2018

Steve ensured that all our questions were answered fully.

He also made sure that the course was enjoyable by being personable and confident in his subject knowledge.

Thank you

Sarah, February 2018

It did exactly what it was supposed to do

Andrea, April 2018

Really helpful -

lots of good knowledge , advice and tips given

Rachel, April 2018

Thank you for teaching me such vital skills -

I hope to never use them but if i do I feel much more equipped to help!

Corinne, April 2018

Learnt lots

Tuesday, April 2018

Excellent sense of humour

Ryan, April 2018

Really interesting,

useful - everyone should do it

Great trainer

Esther, May 2018

First Aid at Work - Initial

Excellent course done at a good pace.

Best First Aid course to attend

David, February 2016

Entertaining 3 days!

Nathan, February 2016

Very fun,

trainer makes it very Interesting

Pedro, February 2016

Steve is a top guy and made the course fun

and kept me switched on

Ryan, March 2017

Is a very good excellent trainer.

We are getting new skills from this.

Very informed subject as well

Mo, March 2017

It really helped to further skills

previously learnt and gain new ones

Robby, March 2017

Lots of knowledge gathered, brilliantly explained, enjoyable experience

Oscar, March 2017

Very enjoyable 2 days, fun and most informative

Janet, February 2016

First Aid at Work - Requalification

Really enjoyed it, very informative and a nice refresher to my First Aid knowledge

Robert, January 2018

Fun, educational.

Learnt lots

Martin, January 2018

Massive thanks to Steve for keeping the course fun and light-hearted

Adam, January 2018

Great real life scenarios

Bekki, October 2018

First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid Combined

Excellent safe and happy environment

- most enjoyable 3 days

Janet, October 2018

Steve has a great, fun way of training

Penny, October 2018

Have really enjoyed the course and learnt alot

Lara, October 2018

First Aid for Guides

The following comments are all from 1st Tetbury Guides who took their badges during February and March 2018

It was interesting and exciting


The first Aid was really fun and interesting.

Steve was a really good instructor


Very useful.

Teacher was very nice.

I found it fun and exciting


Helpful for real life!

Lovely teacher.

Great fun!


The guy was a great teacher.

He was strict but fun


I was fascinated by the complicated instructions and how that learning first aid could save someone’s life!


I thought that first aid was fun and informative. The teacher was nice.

At some times I did feel a bit rushed

but altogether it was a good experience


He was very fun and it was fantastic and good


It’s good that Steve had a sense of humour.

This made it very interesting,

because we were all having a laugh at

the same time as being serious


It was very helpful to learn about it in case there’s a real emergency and

Steve was a great teacher


It was enjoyable

and the instructor made it more fun


First aid was really fun and I learned so much.

I can use it in day to day life.

Steve was really funny,

he was a really good teacher


Steve was really funny and made us all laugh.

It was really fun but engaging.

We learned loads and the girls really enjoyed it


I thought it was a great experience,

I now know how to save myself and other people when injured


I liked the teacher

because he made the lessons fun


I found first aid really fun.

Every single bit of it was really interesting and Steve was really kind.

My favourite bit was putting the slings on each other


I enjoyed doing first aid because

it was fun, we put slings on


I really liked the teacher

he made the lesson really FUN!


First aid was fun.

I learnt loads of new things.

The instructor was funny and

made it easier to learn


First aid was really fun and interesting.

I learnt a lot about how to cope in different scenarios and

 how to treat people who need help.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and

 would love to do it again!


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