Our Principal, Steven Gill

Early Career

Our principal and founder is Steven Gill. He takes on many roles within                          . He has a good understanding of the Early Years and First Aid sectors. He is always happy to talk to our customers regarding any questions and queries that you may have.

Please feel free to contact him if you have comments, queries and/or questions.

The Training Fox

Shortly after being awarded his Level 3 qualification in Early Years Care and Education, he was offered a new role within the Nursery setting, alongside his early years role. The role, Parent Liaison Co-ordinator, meant a lot of contact with new prospective parents as well as ensuring a smooth settling in period for the parents who chose to leave their children at the Nursery.

Steve led all new parents around the Nursery on their showround tour, ensuring that the parents saw the Nursery working in the way it works for all children, answering all questions and assisting the parents in signing up a place for their children. During the first month of their time at the Nursery, Steve met with the parents to discuss how the settling in process was working for them and their children. To ensure that this worked well he ensured he liaised with the Room Leaders of the relevant rooms in the setting.

Shortly afterwards, he was appointed room leader for the 2 - 3 year old age range initially. Whilst in this role he undertook training to become an NVQ Assessor (as it was called then, currently it is called QCF Assessor!) by taking the A1 award.

Over the next 2 years he successfully supported, guided and assessed learners through their NVQ awards at the Cirencester based Nursery and its sister Nursery in Trowbridge.

Leaving Nursery

In August 2006, he moved to work in a Further Education college as an NVQ Assessor on the Children’s Care Learning and Development programme at Levels 2 and 3. He supported many learners through this qualification across the whole county of Gloucestershire. During this period of time, he further developed his knowledge of the Early Years sector, and the wide range of settings that exist in this area. This has helped him in his future ventures to fully support the Early Years sector.

Nursery Management

November 2007, saw a return to the Nursery environment for Steve, as he took on the role of Nursery Manager in a Nursery based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The Nursery had 48 places for children from 3 months to 5 years. During this time he supported the Nursery in their ethos and worked with the Management Team to strengthen the Nursery link with the local church that ran the Nursery.

The major challenge of this time was implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to the setting. He was also successful in building links with other settings in the town. During this time he gained his Level 5 in Management award.

Enter the Training World

In 2010, a new opportunity called Steve, when he commenced work at a training company based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. In the 5 years that he worked there, he gained valuable experience in First Aid as well as teaching a wide range of subjects. He gained his Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS) award in 2012. This provided Steve with practical ideas and ways to build on his training practices, as well as formally recognising his training skills.

Whilst with this company he has worked as an Assessor on the QCF programme, Children and Young People’s Workforce Development at Level 3, as well as an assessor on the First Aid at Work courses, and teaching Early Years and First Aid courses.  

He was also able to gain invaluable experience of writing bespoke and new courses for the Early Years sector, being supported throughout. He has written a wide range of courses and updated them as the framework for Early Years changes or adapts to current best practice.

The Training Fox

And, this is where the story comes right up to date, The Training Fox, is the brainchild of Steve. During 2015, Steve founded and established, The Training Fox, he is the Principal, Lead Trainer and IQA for this new venture. He is looking forward to working with you.

He is excited by this new venture, and is looking forward to developing his skills as the business develops. He has created and published this website to assist you in finding the information that you need to choose the right course for you, and will be happy to discuss  any aspect of courses with you.

This venture allows Steve, to go back to his roots and support fully the Early Years sector. There are great things ahead for The Training Fox, Steve looks forward to sharing these things with you in the coming months as well as welcoming you into the ‘Fox’ family.

Please do get in touch, he is looking forward to assisting you.

Let's Go Training!!!!!

Our Principal, Steven Gill

Steven Gill

Steve started his career off in a nursery setting, in Cirencester, where he trained to become a qualified Nursery Nurse to Level 3. He is proud of this qualification and to this day says that he is grateful for this start to his career, acknowledging that he wouldn’t be at where he is today without the Nursery.

During these early years, he was a proactive member of the team, being versatile to work in each of the rooms of the setting, gaining valuable experience of children’s learning and development from zero to eight years of age.

Post Qualifying

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